Friday, February 5, 2010

Going in reverse

I'm a mess.

I've finished one run through of edits on the ol' first draft (or would it be a second draft now?), and I feel like I haven't really gotten anywhere, except more confused.

Starting up the editing process from Chapter 1 all over again had me feeling a little confused, but I wasn't ready for the rewrite quite yet. Or didn't feel ready. I know that the dang thing will certainly need to be rewritten, at least one more time, but I don't know if I've got the right direction to do it right now.

And I've tried, trust me. To me, it seems a little counter-productive to write a bunch of stuff, only to highlight it all and smack the delete button. After two hours of that, when I'm left with nothing but my same old work in progress, and that damn blinking cursor staring at me.

So I'm going to do what I always do when something frustrates me. I'm going to slice it up one more time. I'm editing this bastard again before rewriting, but I'm doing something different this time around. I'm not starting with Chapter 1 and plowing through my story again. I just did that.

This time, I'm starting at the end, and rewinding. Last paragraph first, and working my way backwards.

Hopefully, this gives me a different perspective on things, and it helps me out of my mini-funk here.

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  1. Keep at it, good sir. But don't go it alone. If you can find critique partners or a writing group to give you an outside perspective, then grab the chance with both hands. Reader feedback is priceless.

    You'll get there.