Monday, November 30, 2009

NaNoRebellion: Guest post by Sara McClung

(Here is a guest post from Sara McClung, a full-time writer that might just be the most bubbly person on the Internet. She took a different approach to National Novel Writing Month. Enjoy.)

I was a NaNo insurgent.
I registered as a NaNo participant. But on November 1st, I continued writing an already started novel. I wrote just over 30,000 new words in the first 2 ½ weeks. And then I stopped. I never aimed for 50,000 - I knew there weren’t that many words left before the novel would be finished. And after 30,000 words - that’s exactly what it was!

Am I technically a NaNo winner? No.

Do I feel like a winner anyway? Heck yes I do! I finished my novel!

NaNo rebels follow two of the most important NaNo principles (in my opinion):

1. We use the month of November to push forward with devotion and persistence in our writing.
2. We force ourselves to write with complete intensity without getting stuck on minor details along the way.

My goal is to continue following these principles beyond the month of November. In fact, I may just hold my own little SaRaNoWriMos from time to time throughout the year...

Unfortunately, one part of NaNo that won’t carry over into other months is the motivation inspired by the other participants! Knowing that there were thousands and thousands of other writers out there typing away furiously at the same time as I was helped to keep me going. The forums, the twitter hashtags, the blogs... Talk about motivation by the bucket loads! I’ll definitely miss the community energy.
(Thankfully, when I need motivation now - I can visit the #amwritingparty crew every night on twitter! )

Though NaNoWriMo intends for writers to start fresh, fictional pieces, the staff understands that not everyone will be at the right place to start something new - nor will everyone want to write fiction. And guess what? They still encourage us to enter! So if you missed out this year because you couldn’t follow their posted rules - I suggest you check out the NaNoRebel forum for next year!

PS. As I’m sure you read in his posts, Kerry participated in NaNoWriMo. He was a legit, law abiding, new novel starting participant. He began a new novel on November 1st and wrote toward the 50,000 word count goal that would make him a winner. And guess what? HE WON! He wrote over 60,000 words before November ended. So I’ll end this guest post by tipping my hat to you, Mr. K. C. Collins! You rocked it... the REAL way :-)

Sara McClung is a full-time writer that you can follow on Twitter @saramcclung. She also has a great blog that you can find at


  1. Thanks so much for allowing me to participate on your fabulous blog!! I always enjoy reading it - and it was fun to write about nano... I wouldn't have done it otherwise :-)

  2. Go you, you rebel! And congrats again to good Sir Collins on the win!

    Do let me know when the SaRaNoWriMo comes around... I need an excuse to start one of my novels, m'dear. :)

  3. I just love a rebel. You rocked it, girl. And I think SaRaNoWrimo is a perfect idea. Let me know when you start. We'll be buddies ;)

  4. Oh also - Kerry I left an award for you on my blog! (Just so you know, I'd already put you on the winner's list before you asked me to write this guest post! It just took me a while to publish the award)

  5. There were undoubtedly myriad reasons for people to participate in NaNo. I'd had never participated in any thing likd this. In fact, I had never heard of NaNo prior to starting my blog in mid-September. Nano was just what I needed to get fired up about writing a novel so I followed the rules to the letter and then some--just to prove to myself that I could do it. Posting a blog article daily has helped me to learn to meet writing deadlines, and if hadn't been for my blog I proabably wouldn't have finished NaNo. I publicly announced my intention to write a novel so I had to finish so as not to lose face. For me, two great challenge in one month!

  6. Great interview - I love Sara and enjoyed this post! :)