Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taking names

I didn't know how to tackle the editing and rewrite of my first draft. However, after figuring out a way to go about it that fits my style, I've come to one good, determined conclusion.

I'm going to kick this rewrite's ass.

Pardon the language, for the faint of heart out there, but I really don't know another way to put it. I'm bulling forward and hammering away at more than just laptop keys. I'm sharpening my story and my characters and all that other stuff, and I feel ultra-positive about how the rewrite is going just three days into it.

I'm tackling at least one chapter a day, and just finished a session where I hammered out roughly 4,000 words. Of course, some of those words were typed back in September, to be sure. But any writer that uses words as their guide will now that few things are more fulfilling than crusing through a couple thousand words in less than an hour. I may be rehashing some stuff that I've already typed and edited and resigned myself to liking (for now), but getting all those words out is good for the ol' psyche.

The best part? It feels great to be writing again, and it feels pretty good.

So it's full steam ahead with the rewrite, and I should have this sucker rattled off and (hopefully) coherent within a month.

At least that's the goal, and I don't know anything that should keep me from getting through my 22 chapters in 22 days. I mean, I just said I was kicking ass. What's going to get in the way of someone kicking ass?

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  1. Nothing. Absolutely nothing can get in your way now. :-)