Friday, August 21, 2009

Double-edged sword

Is it bad when you're working your real job, dealing with real people, and all you can think about is people that don't exist?

The book is on the brain lots these days (hence the starting of a blog and all that jazz), and all I seem to think about is these damn characters in my book. Especially the guys that are losers.

Some people say that the best thing about writing fiction is that there are no rules. That it's all in your head and you can go where ever you want. Well that's a sticky wicket, all right. I feel like anybody can write fictional characters. Writing fictional characters that make sense and play nice (or not so nice) with others is the trick. Like any trick, though, figuring out how its done can be as frustrating as it can be fun.

Sure, I can write them however I want and put them where ever I want. Yippee for me. I'm finding that the characters aren't the actual people. Real character writing comes when they bump into each other.

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