Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Every journey begins...

Here is my first step.
I have long been a lover of writing and of fiction, but I'm trying to take my own fiction writing to the next level, and I figured this would be as good an outlet as any to get a few things off my chest when entering the world of creating a novel.

I have worked for newspapers for the last 17 years, but this new direction has me feeling like a bear cub sticking his head out of the cave for the first time.

My book has already been started, but it's in the very early stages. The rest of the trip will be updated on here as often as I come up with ideas, run into hurdles and - of course - go through the process of writing.

My hopes for this blog are to provide a glimpse into my progress (and my process) in my tiny little cube of the writing universe. Maybe I'll help some other writers. Maybe some other writers will help me. I hope there's a lot of both.

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