Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exorcise the Demons!

I've been toying with different types of internal conflict with my characters, and it can be kind of a sticky wicket sometimes.

How does my main character deal with this stuff? How does he work it out in relationship to the other characters? I've been working on writing a variety of different scenes to try and resolve some of the major beefs my main character has as I truck toward the ending of this thing.

Since I'm writing from the first-person point of view, it's been fun to write about the confusion my main character has with his perceptions and what's really going on with those around him.

But I'm all about conflict. I can come up with all kinds of problems and bumps along the road for characters, but wrapping them up and coming up with realistic and interesting ways to do it isn't always easy.

The trick is to make sure the problems get resolved without just dropping some deus ex machina into the works. That's also the fun part, too.

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