Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Treading water

This week's writing is going swimmingly, at least in the word department. However, there are times where I feel like I'm really not going anywhere with the story, and that sucks.

When I read things over, they read just fine, and I know that I'll be getting back to some stuff later on, but it doesn't feel like it's moving as quickly as I would like it to right now.

I realize that I'm as an impatient as my dog when he's ready to go for a walk, and that not every single paragraph is going to be jam-packed with prose that readers want to underline and show all of their friends. But I feel bogged down now at times.

Understand that I still love the writing aspect, and my time to write is the time I look forward to most each day. Maybe I'm being too careful with where I'm trying to go, or maybe I'm too worried that I'm going to leave somebody behind, or maybe I'm worried that the directions I'm choosing to go aren't going to be the right ones (or should I say, the best ones).

Any way you chop it, I know the cure. I have to just sit down and write and not think about all that other stuff that may or may not be slowing me down. I know I've built up good characters. I know I have a good handle on the setting. I have to trust that they'll take me in the right direction.

And if they don't, I can always cut 'em out in the editing process.

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