Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mix and match

I hit 50,000 words on my work in progress tonight, and I would've gotten more words in if it weren't for a revelation of sorts.

Now that I have a pretty substantial work rolling here, I'm finding that some chapters fit better in other places than the spots I initially wrote them in. So there was some copying and pasting, and some rough edits in spots I knew there would be inconsistencies in the story, but I'm pretty happy overall.

Everything isn't ironed out yet, but that's what revision is for. This might make the editing process a little more painstaking - making sure there aren't confusing bits from the moves and things like that. It's going to cause some head-scratching moments in the editing process, for sure, but I'm a smart cat. I also have notes to fall back on (thank the heavens).

This might make one of the steps later on take a little longer. But this is about making my work the best it can be, and this is as excited as I've been about the whole thing for awhile. It's actually coming together, and that's pretty cool.

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